ERV BARNES, PhD;  Author, Educator, Advocate
Journey to Adventures Beyond

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The Mission: Educate and advocate for combat veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (Combat PTSD) through personal appearances, workshops of expression, and written words of fiction and nonfiction. 


Some wounds never bleed. Without help, some never heal.

We knew something was wrong with me, but I denied Vietnam had anything to do with it. I denied it was affecting anybody else but me. I didn't have the right to feel this way because my combat experiences had been relatively mild. Sure they had shot at me, but they had missed.

I was surprised to learn that the symptoms of PTSD described me--my feelings, my moods, and my behaviors.

The big shock was learning that invisible wounds of traumatic stress can cause physical and chemical changes in brain structures and functions.

I will never be cured, but my symptoms--my feelings, moods, and behaviors--continue to improve. That is recovery. That is the journey to adventures beyond combat PTSD.


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