ERV BARNES, PhD;  Author, Educator, Advocate
Journey to Adventures Beyond

Workshops of Expression

    Writing with Prompts
Experience writing short responses to prompts, sharing those
        responses, and evaluating the process through gentle critique.

    Writing in Nature
        Sunday, January 15th, 1-3 pm, Yuma Conservation Garden
        2520 E. 32nd St., Yuma, AZ
        Feel the power and inspiration of nature in solo writing
        experiences shared with others in open format without critique.

    Writing as Learning
Create expository writing forms as learning design tools based
        on fully integrated concept maps.

    Writing as Business
Review and discuss writing forms used in marketing works
        including query, synopsis, description, biography, and blurb.

Personal Appearances

  Pathways to Publication
        Thursday, January 12th, 10:30 am
        Yuma Foothills Library
        13226 E. Frontage Rd., Yuma, AZ

         Yuma Foothills Library        13226 E. Frontage Rd., Yuma, AZ
Community Groups (including book clubs)
        Choose a presentation focus including the following:
            Reasons to Write; Writing Realities; Combat PTSD Recovery; 
            Recovery in Nature; Writing for Recovery; Book Discussion.  

Select a topic above or work directly with Erv to customize 
        a presentation to your class curriculum.

Focus on book discussions, reflections on the writing process, 
        and Print on Demand publishing.

    Book Stores
Get your copy of Beyond the Blood Chit personally
        addressed and autographed.

                Contact Erv by message or email to schedule a 
                    workshop or appearance.



Read a FREE Excerpt

I just finished Erv's book "Beyond the Blood Chit". A really good writer has turned into a really good author. Real world struggles with PTSD and the Vietnam experience set in the near future, this novel blends 'right now, today' with what could be. Fascinating details, characters you can relate to, and vivid description of scenery.  Tom Wacker, Yuma, AZ 


Future Novels

  Beyond the Blood Moon ~ 2012
Ways of wilderness women escaping a collapsing society. Sequel.

Beyond the Blood Creed ~ 2013 Building a new culture after the collapse of society. Sequel.

Beyond the Blood Seed ~ 2014 Interpretive view of the collapse of a prehistoric culture. Prequel.

Future Nonfiction Works

Beyond Deros ~ 2012
Reflective notes on An Operators Manual for Combat PTSD: Essays for Coping by Ashley B. Hart II, Ph.D.

Beyond Eros ~ 2013
Blog and Essay Study of Kinship and Kindness in Natural Relationships

Beyond Egos ~
Blog and Essay Study of Unity and Otherness in Natural Communities

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